Buzos haciendo Surf. A documentary film about Surfin’ Bichos
100 minutes, Spain, 2008 // In 2008 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the formation of Surfin’ Bichos, one of the most influential Spanish rock bands. Buzos haciendo Surf is a feature length documentary that describes the reunion tour of the band from Albacete, in 2006, 12 years after their breakup.
35 mm color, 20 minutes, 2009
Oscar de Julián is an ordinary man. He only has one thing that makes him feel unique. His name. No one else has that name. No one.
16 mm colour, 15 minutes, EEUU, 1998
A tale about the decline of a woman meandering between two men, while she takes refuge in elevators, metro stations and nights to forget.
La isla del destierro
16 mm Black and White, 7 minutes, EEUU, 1995
The island is Cuba, in the year 2009, after the fall of Fidel Castro, where the three members of one same family fight for surviving, everyone their own way, always under the new regime surveillance.